What is Walter Whites Watch?

Walter Whites TAG Heuer Monaco

In the critically acclaimed television show, Breaking Bad, Walter White is known for his many questionable choices. However, one thing that is not questionable about Walt and the hit AMC show in general, is Walter Whites watch, and the other watches featured in Breaking Bad.

Walter White is a high school chemistry teacher who turns to cooking methamphetamine when he is diagnosed with cancer. With his drastic change in lifestyle, also comes a change in the watch Walter White wears. 

Two of the most recognisable props from the show are Walter Whites watches, which signify his change from a low-income, loveable high school chemistry teacher to a ruthless drug kingpin swimming in cash. 

At CALIBRE, we’ve put together a handy guide for Breaking Bad fans to get their hands on Walter Whites watch.

Walter Whites First Watch 

The Casio CA-53W

Walter Whites Casio CA-53W watch


At the beginning of Breaking Bad, Walter White is often seen wearing a Casio CA-53W calculator watch. 

This watch is significant to the show for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s a big part of Walter’s character. He’s a science teacher who turns to cooking meth, and the watch is a symbol of his old life. Secondly, the watch is connected to the show’s theme of time. In the show, time is often ticking down on characters – they have a limited amount of time to live or achieve their goals. The watch represents this ticking clock in Walter’s life. 

However, symbolism aside, the watch is just a cool piece that represents something a science teacher may wear.

Walter Whites Second Watch

The TAG HEUER Monaco Calibre 12

Walter White checking his Monaco watch

As time goes on in Breaking Bad, Walter White is often seen wearing a TAG Heuer Calibre 12 watch. This watch is a symbol of his success as a meth kingpin, and it’s also a reminder of the double life he leads, as it is gifted to him by his business partner Jesse Pinkman. 

The TAG Heuer Calibre 12 is a sophisticated and expensive watch, which makes it the perfect accessory.  It’s a reminder of his power and status, and it also reflects his duality. On one hand, it’s a symbol of his criminal enterprise, whilst on the other hand, it’s a reminder of the simple life he once lived. The TAG Heuer Calibre 12 is an iconic watch that will always be associated with Walter White and Breaking Bad.

Other Breaking Bad Watches

The watches in breaking bad have been selected with precision and great taste. There are a number of interesting pieces seen throughout the five seasons, however, the most notable watches in the series include those worn by Jesse Pinkman, Hank Schrader, and Gus Fring.

Each of these watches has its own significance and meaning. For instance, Jesse’s watch represents his innocence and purity, while Hank’s watch is a reminder of his law enforcement career. Gus Fring’s watch, on the other hand, symbolizes his power and wealth. Each watch in the series Breaking Bad has its own unique story and meaning, so let’s take a look below:

Jesse Pinkmans Watch

Jesse Pinkmans Mossimo Watch

Jesse Pinkman wears a square Mossimo watch during the first couple of seasons of Breaking Bad. Its extremely cheap to buy online, sometimes even available for less than £15. The watch bears a strong resemblance to a Tag Heuer Monaco that Walter White is usually seen sporting later on in the series, which Jesse actually gifted to Walt, showing he must have always loved the square design.

Hank Schraders Watch

Hank Schraders G-Shock Watch

Hank Schrader is seen wearing the Casio G-SHOCK G-2500 watch in Breaking Bad. This watch is a symbol of his character’s determination and strength. The Casio G-SHOCK G-2500 is a tough and rugged watch that can withstand any type of activity, therefore It is the perfect watch for someone like Hank Schrader who is always on the go.

Gus Frings Watch

Gustavo Frings IWC Watch

In the show, Gustavo Fring is often seen donning a luxurious IWC Portugieser, which definitely adds to his sophisticated persona. While we may not be able to exactly replicate Fring’s style, we can definitely get our hands on a similar watch. The IWC Portugieser is an iconic timepiece that features a clean and classic design, and it’s the perfect watch for those who appreciate understated luxury.

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