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Rick Grimes' Watch | CALIBRE

Whether you took leave from the Walking Dead because of Glenn getting his head caved in by Negan or you’re still powering through with Daryl, there’s one thing that we can all agree on. Rick Grimes (portrayed by Andrew Lincoln) is an incredibly classy gentleman.

When my interest in the Walking Dead first sparked, although being taken back by an incredible first season, one thing that I couldn’t take my eyes away from (even with the ridiculous amount of flesh being spread across the screen) was Rick’s glimmering timepiece. 

Although it took me a fair few episodes (followed by some Google research) to work out what this field watch is, we got there in the end. Let’s take a quick look in this blog and see what watch Rick Grimes sports in the apocalypse, and where you can find yourself one.

Rick’s Watch

Rick Grimes' Watch Review | Calibre

We’re not going to beat around the bush, so let’s get into it. Although we’re about to deliver you some good news, it’s followed by some pretty sickening news afterward.

The watch Rick Grimes wears throughout his time in the Walking Dead is a Kenneth Cole (reference number KC3584), with a slim silver white dial and a steel bracelet. 

Features of Rick Grime’s Watch

Here are some of the cool features of Ricks watch:

Aperture Date Cutout

One thing that most enthusiasts will notice about this Kenneth Cole piece is the aperture date cutout. This makes the watch look much more premium than it actually is, especially when displayed on the white dial. Let’s be honest though, in an apocalypse it probably doesn’t matter.

Steel Bracelet

Another feature of this piece that makes it look luxurious in a bleak landscape is the steel bracelet. Whilst I’m not saying that a steel bracelet is a sign of upper-class timekeeping, in this case alongside the white dial, the bracelet really does accentuate the feel of a Rolex or another luxury field watch.

Quartz Movement

Yep. Every watch enthusiast just read the headline and asked “Rick, seriously?”. I’m not going to take the viewpoint and say quartz movement is no good. But, in a zombie apocalypse where electricity is no longer really a viable option anymore, why would you use a quarts-powered piece? Let’s be honest Rick, you’ve done you’re fair share of looting. Maybe it’s time you get yourself into a Goldsmiths to pick something a bit more technical up.

The Bad News

Rick Grimes' Watch Pose | CALIBRE

Now we’ve identified that Rick Grimes’ watch is a real piece that you can pick up, we should have a look at where to find it. 

Unfortunately, this is where the bad news comes in, as I was after one myself. 

The Kenneth Cole (reference number KC3584) field watch that Rick Grimes wears whilst fighting zombies and survivors in the AMC series The Walking Dead, has actually skyrocketed in price due to the show. Whilst it was once affordable and a few lucky folks managed to get their hands on it to cosplay, we unlucky collectors are now looking at around £500-800 to afford one of these iconic pieces at a second-hand rate.

Oh well. Let’s be honest, none of us would have worn it as loosely as Andrew Lincoln did anyway.