Seiko 5 Sports GMT | Review

Seiko 5 Sports GMT Review

Watch collecting is a tough game… Especially when you aren’t a millionaire. That’s why at CALIBRE, even though we love our luxury pieces, we’re trying to show you that collecting can be rewarding without breaking the bank.

Affordable watches can be particularly hit or miss. However, to start this series, we felt like we had found something perfect for a designer yet affordable wristwatch. And guess what? It’s automatic and it’s under 500 quid.

What Is a Seiko 5 Sports Like?

In classic Seiko fashion, the brand has delivered everything you could want from a GMT piece in an entry-level package. Whether you’re an avid collector or this is your first buy, this GMT could be good for you.

The first thing to note about the Seiko 5 Sports GMT is its surprisingly premium feel. That’s not to say other Seiko pieces don’t have that feeling, this one just feels different. 

With a 42.5mm stainless steel case for that authentic feel that sit’s perfectly on your wrist, the undercut sides make this piece feel smaller than it is. Whilst some may see this as underwhelming, we feel like it complemented the piece well. A sleek wear, perfect for days at the office, family meals, or even those more special occasions.

Features of The Piece

We felt like there were a lot of notable points about this piece, some positive and some not so much. Let’s take a look.

Seiko 5 Sports GMT Tall Bezel

Tall Bezel

The first thing to note about the top of the watch is that similarly to other Seiko watches, this piece does display a heavy and tall rotating bezel. This isn’t necessarily a downside, we just feel that maybe it’s time to accept that this isn’t a design classic.

Hardlex Mineral Glass Crystal

It would be ‘snooty’ to class this as a downside because realistically it’s not. The only thing to point out is hardlex mineral is not regarded as premium as sapphire crystal is. However, there’s a reason hardlex has been used in this piece. This type of glass can help create an incredibly deep look, and when you see this piece in person, you’ll understand why Seiko has gone with this design choice. It’s a truly deep piece.

Cyclops Date Magnifier

The date magnifier truly finishes off the top of this piece. Whilst it wasn’t necessarily needed, it really is the icing on the cake. With a 3 O’clock positing for a classic setting, this magnifier does give a genuine improvement to the date clarity on this piece. 


It would be ignorant to ignore the elegant caseback on this wristwatch. Ok, it’s not a high-end tourbillon with extortionately exotic mechanics on display, but this caseback allows you to take a good glance at Seiko’s automatic expertise. With a respectable 100 meters of water resistance, this GMT is proving itself as a worthy addition to your collection.

Jubilee Bracelet

A classic. It’s fair to say this bracelet creates a gentle accentuation of the bright bezel and shining crystal on the case. The links throughout this bracelet are solid, lacking any jangly feelings you may receive with a budget piece. The clasp is the same as the ones used on other Seiko 5 models. This isn’t necessarily disappointing as they are sturdy enough, but there are no improvements worth noting.

The Movement

Two Seiko 5 Sports GMT Watches

If you already own a few automatic Seiko pieces then it’s more than likely you are familiar with their in-house 4R movement. Our general takeaway of this movement is that for the price, it’s really quite impressive. The finishing is straightforward, and frmn general observation this piece’s movement doesn’t lose or gain time drastically. For a piece that is under half a grand, can you ask for much else?

Final Thoughts on The Seiko 5 Sports GMT

Seiko’s 5 Sports GMT SSK005K1 has already earned well-deserved respect in the enthusiast community for offering a robust and capable mechanical GMT design at an affordable price point. As one of the most impressive and flat-out fun releases of summer 2022, its premium touches help it to stand out even further. Whilst the tall bezel does still stand as an annoyance in my eyes, there really isn’t much you can fault on a piece like this that’s left than £500. I think I may have to add one to my collection soon.