Best Luxury Watches for Teenagers

Best luxury watches for teenagers

When it comes to luxury watches, teenagers may not be the first demographic that comes to mind. However, finding the perfect watch for a teenager is an important task that deserves thoughtful consideration. 

A quality watch can be more than just a fashion statement, as it can become an heirloom that the wearer will treasure for years to come. In this article from the experts at CALIBRE, we will explore the best luxury watches for teenagers and discuss the features and benefits of each option. We will also take a look at some popular designer watch brands for teenagers also, as there’s no need to break the bank when they may be just as happy with a Rotary as they are with a Hamilton. Watch snobbery aside, they do the same thing, right?

Types of Luxury Watches

Luxury watch bezel with markings

When searching for a luxury watch, there are many styles to choose from. From classic models to sports watches and even limited edition pieces, it can be difficult to know which type of watch is best suited for a teenager, especially if you’re new to all the terminology that comes with the world of timepieces. Let’s break down some of the watch types you are going to come across in your searches, and hopefully make this process seem a little bit more straightforward.

If you’re already a watch know it all however, feel free to skip to the popular luxury watch brands for teenagers section.

Dive watches

Dive watch with rubber band

Dive watches, also known as diver’s watches or aqua watch, are timepieces designed to be used during water activities such as swimming or scuba diving. Developed in the 1950s and 1960s for professional divers, dive watches are now worn for both fashion and practicality. Generally dive watches feature water resistance ranging anywhere from 100m to 500m, and boast useful features such as a unidirectional rotating bezel which allows divers to track their underwater time. Additionally, dive watches should include luminescent hands and markers so that they can be read even in low-light conditions underwater.

Generally, dive watches are classic and cool, and will definitely be something proudly worn by a teenager, all through the rest of their life, especially if they are fond of the water.

GMT watches

Rolex GMT watch with blue bezel

GMT watches are a popular style of watch designed to tell the time in multiple timezones. A GMT watch has a 24-hour bezel, usually marked with either Arabic or Roman numerals, and a second hour hand that can be adjusted independently from the main hour hand. This allows you to quickly read the local time in two different locations simultaneously by setting the second hour hand to match another location’s designated GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) offset. GMT watches have become increasingly popular among travelers and globetrotters who need to stay on top of their schedule while crossing multiple timezones. They offer both convenience and style as elegant looking wristwatches with all the features you need when traveling abroad.

If you’re teenager likes to travel, maybe a GMT watch is the perfect excuse to get them to keep in touch. Or maybe they will just like the unique design they boast.

Dress watches

Tissot dress watch with white dial

Dress watches typically have a slim design with simple features and colors. They often come in gold or silver, with white or black faces that contain no more than two hands and a logo or company name. Unlike casual watches which may have features such as ceramic bezels, tachymeters and stopwatches, dress watches focus on being minimalistic yet elegant in their design. Additionally, these timepieces generally come with leather straps instead of metal bracelets for a more sophisticated look.

A lot of teenagers like to dress fancy for certain occasions, and a dress watch can be the perfect way to elevate their ensemble. If you know they are going to be an achiever, a dress watch could be the perfect piece.

Chronograph watches

Chronograph watch dial and bezel

Chronograph watches are a popular choice for watch enthusiasts and those in need of an on-the-go time piece. Chronograph watches, or ‘chronos’ for short, are a type of timepiece that is designed to measure elapsed time. They have become an essential tool used by athletes, race car drivers and pilots alike due to their accuracy and versatility. The features that make chronographs so desirable include two or three subdials that measure seconds, minutes and hours separately from the main dial display. In addition to this, they also feature a stopwatch mechanism with start/stop/reset buttons which allows users to accurately track elapsed times more conveniently than with traditional analog watches.

If you’re teenager is more into tech than aesthetics, definitely go with a chronograph watch. However, this isn’t to say that a chronograph isn’t stylish, they are still one of the coolest watches ever created.

Pilot watches

IWC pilot's watch dial

Pilot watches are a classic timepiece that have been around for decades. Known for their timeless style and contemporary features, pilot watches have become increasingly popular in recent years. Tthese types of watches are designed to meet the needs of aviators by providing them with an array of features such as precision timing, legibility, and durability. Originally created during the World Wars, pilot watches were essential tools used by pilots and navigators who needed a reliable method of telling time during long flights. The most recognisable feature is the large dials which make it easy to see the time even when flying at high altitudes or in low light conditions. Additionally, many of these watches also feature additional functions such as slide rules or tachymeter scales which can be used for calculations in flight navigation.

Any teenager who’s a fan of history is going to be a fan of a pilots watch. Also any teenager who appreciates technology and how things work. The main thing to remember is they are also classy as hell, so don’t skip out if you’re youngster is into dressing well.

Features to Look For in Luxury Watches

When looking for a luxury watch, it is important to consider the various features and designs available. Not all luxury watches are created equal, for example some brands have objectively better movements inside than others, or even the quality of the stainless steel bracelet can differ, but understanding what to look for can help you make an informed decision. Luxury watches come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, design elements and movements, so knowing which features appeal to you is key to finding the perfect luxury watch that suits your needs and style.

Here are some of the features we always make sure to look out for when buying a luxury piece:

  • The colour
  • The style
  • Bracelet or strap
  • The movement
  • The quality


Tissot luxury watch for teenager

Tissot watches are among the most iconic timepieces in the world. This Swiss watchmaker has been producing exquisite luxury watches since 1853, and their classic designs have become synonymous with quality and elegance. Today, Tissot offers a wide range of collections that feature both traditional and modern styles, each designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s fashion-savvy consumer. From its iconic T-Classic line to its futuristic Couturier collection, there is something for everyone in this renowned luxury brand. We would highly recommended Tissot as a teenage luxury watch option, as you’re getting amazing swiss quality without breaking the bank. Read our full guide to Tissot watches.


Seiko watch for teenager

Since the company’s founding in 1881, Seiko has been at the forefront of watchmaking technology, creating Japanese timepieces that combine classic designs with great timekeeping. The fact that you can buy a dive watch with accurate automatic timekeeping for around £250 still baffles me! From their famed Kinetic line to automatic chronograph models and GPS Solar series, Seiko offers a range of sophisticated styles for all kinds of wearers. Yes Seiko are luxury, maybe not Rolex, but you’re teenager cannot complain with one of these iconic pieces.


Hamiltons timeless style has seen their watches become a staple in fashion since its inception in 1892. The company uses precision Swiss craftsmanship to create high quality pieces with innovative features that are designed to endure over time, and a key feature of Hamilton watches is the combination of contemporary design with vintage elements, which ensure each watch looks good on both men and women regardless of their age or body type. For teenagers looking for a sophisticated yet stylish option to add to their wardrobe, Hamilton watches are the perfect choice. Read our full guide to Hamilton watches.

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer watch for teenager

TAG Heuer watches have long been associated with sophistication and luxury. They are one of the most well-known watch brands in the world, boasting a wide range of styles from minimalist to bold designs. For teenagers looking for a high-end timepiece, TAG Heuer is an excellent choice. Not only due to the aesthetic and timeless deigns that TAG Heuer procude, but also their clout in the luxury watch industry due to their brand associations with sports such as F1. Whilst TAG may seem more expensive than some of the other brands in this luxury list, it’s fair to say that for the name you are getting to wear on your wrist, TAG Heuers pieces are actually very reasonably priced. Any youngster is going to be happy with a TAG, and if they aren’t, then maybe they just aren’t interested in watches.


Oris watch for teenager

For teenagers just starting to get into the world of luxury watches, Oris is an excellent choice. With its classic designs that feature timeless elegance, the brand offers a great balance of price point and sophistication. It’s hard to find a Swiss brand that provide such durability, aesthetic appeal and incredible movements for a low price point, and most experts in the community would agree. Infact an Oris Aquis Date was Jake’s (the owner of Haute Calibre), first luxury watch, and still wears it weekly. Even Nico Leonard of Pride and Pinion stated that the Oris Aquis was the best dive watch on the market for under £2,000. So, with so many experts appreciating the craftsmanship of this brand as a starter for watch collecting, do not overlook it. 


Alpina watch for teenager

Alpina Watches offer luxury, timeless design, and durability. They are the perfect watch for teenagers who want to make a statement, as the Swiss-based watchmaker has been in business since 1883, making them one of the oldest watchmakers in the industry, yet offering amazing design at a fair and affordable price point. Alpina watches feature classic designs that offer a modern twist on classic timepieces, and with its sophisticated looks and quality craftsmanship, Alpina watches are sure to stand out from the crowd and attract attention. 


Longines watch for teenager

Longines have been around since 1832 and are renowned for their quality and luxury design. As such, they make a great choice for teenagers to wear as their first watch. Not only do these timepieces add a level of sophistication and style to any outfit, but Longines watches have also been designed to be robust and reliable even under the stresses of daily wear. Longines timepieces come in classic designs, sporty looks or with stylish leather straps, making them perfect for both casual attire or formal occasions, and most models feature scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating so your teenager can enjoy the beauty of their watch hassle free.


Custom Bamford watch for teenager

Bamford watches are becoming a popular choice for teenagers looking for stylish watches that are slightly different to pieces offered by the usual designer brands. Bamford is well known for its sophisticated yet fashionable designs, making them the perfect watch to add to any teenager’s wrist wear, and the company offers a range of customisable options to choose from, so teenagers can pick out a watch that fits in with their style and personality. Additionally, Bamford also uses ecologically-friendly practices which make these watches suitable for those who care about the environment as well as fashion.


Casio watch for teenager

If your teenager doesn’t already have a Casio watch in their collection then there is room for concern. Owning a Casio should be first on the agenda for any collector, and any enthusiast will agree that they are a “god tier” watch, so you really can’t go wrong if you’re budget is lower than the price points of some of the above mentioned brands. Casio watches are often associated with the classic 80s design, but the renowned watchmaker has come a long way over the past few decades. For teenagers wanting to look good without breaking the bank, Casio watches offer an ideal solution. The Casio range includes both classic analog designs and cutting-edge digital models that combine durability and accuracy with high fashion appeal. The reliability of Casio watches makes them perfect for teenage wearers who want a timepiece they can rely on day after day.


Rotary watch for teenager

Rotary watches have been a go-to designer watch for teenagers for as long as anyone can remember. The brand offers a wide selection of styles and designs, ranging from classic to modern, so whether your teen is looking for something flashy or something more understated, you’re sure to find a Rotary watch that fits their aesthetic. Rotary were originally a Swiss produced brand, but are now based in London, meaning a lot of the designs feature that extra bit of UK horology inspiration. If you’re looking for a very affordable and attractive designer brand, you can’t go wrong with Rotary. Read our full guide to Rotary watches.


G-Shock watch for teenager

G-Shock watches, (legendary pieces) have been a staple of the wristwatch industry since their first release in 1983. Created by renowned Japanese watch company Casio, G-Shock timepieces are known for their superior build quality and stylish designs. In today’s market, there are more than 200 different models available to suit any lifestyle or occasion, and these innovative watches feature shock resistance construction that is able to withstand drops from up to 10 metres. This makes them perfect for any active lifestyle or extreme sport enthusiast as they are able to withstand the rigours of regular wear and tear without compromising on accuracy. Other features include solar power capabilities, water resistance ratings ranging from 200m – 20 bar and digital displays with multiple complications such as stopwatches, timers and alarms. Plus, pretty much any teenager is going to think G-Shock are very cool. 

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein watch for teenager

With an eye-catching selection of materials that includes stainless steel, ceramic and leather straps as well as bold colors and textures like rose gold, black or tortoise shell dials, Calvin Klein watches are designed to make a statement with any outfit. Just like their clothes and iconic underwear line, Calvins watches are designed to be sexy and make you look good. Most teenagers are fairly conscious of the image they are portraying, so if you’re teenager is one who likes premium designer looks, a Calvin Klein watch could be a good way to get them a piece they love at a reasonable price!

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani watch for teenager

Similarly to Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani are just one of the timeless premium designer brands that you can’t go wrong with, especially for teenagers who are interested in luxury wear. Founded in 1975 by Italian designer Giorgio Armani, the company has grown to be synonymous with quality, sophistication, and timeless style. The Emporio Armani watch line encapsulates all the elements that have made the brand a household name worldwide, and they produce classic chronographs to sleek diver-style models. These timepieces represent the perfect combination of modern design and traditional craftsmanship at a very affordable rate for a high-end name. 

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss watch for teenager

Hugo Boss watches have long been a staple in the world of fashion. Established in 1924, the German label is synonymous with quality and luxury. From dressy timepieces to statement chronographs, Hugo Boss watches are versatile enough for any occasion. The brand continues to evolve its designs each season, blending traditional techniques with modern aesthetics for a unique look. Whether you’re searching for an everyday piece or something that will make a bold statement, teenagers generally seem to view Hugo Boss as a trendy household name.


Garmin smart watch for teenager

Garmin smartwatches provide numerous features that make them an excellent option for teens. From tracking physical activity and measuring heart rate to providing notifications and music playback, there’s something for everyone in the Garmin range of watches. Garmin are renowned for their easy-to-use interface, durable construction, long battery life, and accurate GPS tracking capabilities. Teens can also customise the design of their watch by choosing from a range of color themes and interchangeable bands to suit their individual style. Whether they want a simple fitness tracker or a full-featured device with plenty of bells and whistles, there’s sure to be something that takes their fitness or adventuring to the next level with a Garmin watch.


FitBit smart watch for teenager

FitBit smartwatches have exploded in popularity over the past few years, and are now one of the most sought-after types of smartwatches for teenagers. Featuring robust fitness tracking capabilities, as well as numerous apps to keep users connected and entertained, FitBit smartwatches are perfect for teenage users looking for a reliable device to stay healthy and connected. They come with built-in sensors such as heart rate monitors, accelerometers, gyroscopes and more that make it easy to accurately track physical activity, including steps taken, calories burned and sleep duration. Teens can also take advantage of features such as music streaming services, text messaging alerts and access to their favorite apps right from their wrist.

Apple Watches

Apple watch for teenager

Apple has been a major player in the smartwatch market for years, and their latest products have proven to be among the most popular on the market. Apple’s advanced technology offers teenagers convenience, connectivity and style all rolled into one sleek device. There are now numerous models that suit every taste and budget, making them an excellent choice for any teen looking for a stylish yet functional smartwatch. The Apple Watch series is renowned for its ability to stay connected with friends, family and colleagues while still maintaining privacy. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to access social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat, as well as receive notifications from various apps like Uber or Spotify. Teens can also track fitness goals such as step count or distance travelled with the integrated activity tracking features of the watch.


Montblonc smart watch for teenager

Montblanc smartwatches have quickly become one of the most popular fashion items for teenagers. These watches feature the latest technology to keep you connected, in style. From health tracking capabilities to notifications from your phone, Montblanc smartwatches have it all. These stylish timepieces come with a wide range of features that make them perfect for any teen’s lifestyle, and The Montblanc Summit 2 is one of the best smartwatches available today for teenagers. It comes with a built-in GPS system, heart rate monitor and even sleep tracking features that allow teens to stay informed about their daily activities. The watch also has full access to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa which provide easy access to music, news and other important services with just a few taps on the wrist.

Conclusion: Finding the Right Luxury Watch for a Teenager

Finding the right luxury watch for a teenager is a difficult but important task, as there are plenty of factors to consider. It is important to factor in the young person’s age and preferences, as well as ensure you are making an appropriate investment for their needs. For example, if they are always outdoors, do they really need an expensive dress watch? Consider your budget, compare models, and research customer reviews to make sure you are getting a quality product that will last. It’s also important to talk with the teen and make sure they understand the importance of caring for their watch property, but most importantly that they understand how important a watch purchase is! (It’s the best present they’ll ever get, trust us). At the end of the day, a luxury watch bought as a present becomes an heirloom, so make sure it’s something you want in the family years down the line.

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